... ramuda amemura ...

♡ hypnosis microphone ♡

voice actor:
yūsuke shirai
stage actor:
sekiguchi ryō

character profile:
he looks as young as a primary school student, but is quick witted and calculating, though he often makes absent-minded remarks with a frequent lack of tact in his words.
despite this, he's very popular with women due to his cuteness. even with his obscene popularity, he doesn’t play favorites. he’ll give you a piece of candy if you ruffle his hair.

favorite songs/verses:
  • LESSON ft. jakurai jinguji
  • ピンク色の愛
  • survival of the illest
  • don't pass the mic

  • mc name: easy r
  • birthday: 2/14
  • age: 24
  • height: 155 cm
  • blood type: O
  • job: fashion designer

  • he has a fashion line called 'empty candy'
  • ramuda means "disorder" (乱) (ram) and "number" (数) (uda)
  • the same characters can be read as "ransuu", meaning "random number"
  • amemura means "candy" (飴) (ame) and "town, village" (村) (mura)
  • dislikes ghosts & green peas

why i love them:
the first hypnosis microphone song i ever heard was BATTLE BATTLE BATTLE, which ramuda & his division play a lead part in. i fell in love with his poppy and taunting style of rapping, as well as his look. pink hair, blue eyes; how could i not see myself in him?

besides that, his story is fascinating. ramuda's inherent imposter syndrome is sadly relatable, even if his is due to the fact that he can be scrapped & replaced at any given moment by chuuoku. i'm more than positive ピンク色の愛 has a deeper meaning than just the obvious allusion to his clones, & short lifespan.

being the first clone, & only clone with emotions, with the whole government against you... seems pretty stressful. i'm just grateful he has people like gentaro & dice behind him, accepting his terrible past.