... lisa lopes ...

♡ musician ♡


an american rapper, singer, music producer, and dancer. part of r&b girl group TLC. one of the more creative forces behind the group, having the most co-writing credits.
designed the outfits and staging for the group, contributing to the group's image, album titles, artworks, and music videos.

favorite songs:
  • silly ho
  • no scrubs
  • ain't 2 proud 2 beg
  • waterfalls
  • red light special

  • active since: '92 to '02
  • birthday: 8/1
  • passed away: 4/25/2002
  • cause of death: car crash

  • had an incredibly difficult upbringing, and struggled with alcoholism
  • accidentally burnt down her mansion she shared with NFL wide receiver andre rison, after trying to burn his shoes to get back at his abuse
  • had an interest in music since the age of 5
  • born in philadelphia, pennsylvania
  • the only member of TLC to have released a solo album

why i love them:
i've known of TLC since birth, i'm positive, but i only really delved into their body of work in middle school.

watching the no scrubs music video over & over was an integral part to my lesbian awakening. have you seen the futuristic latex in it?!

her rap in that song changed me. the flow... the enunciation... the style! she is the epitome of cool and i needed to know more. finding out she passed away merely months before i was born broke my heart.

overall, her sense of fashion still inspires me to this day; i doubt i would have any interest in y2k if i didn't obsess over her for so long.