... tokyo drift freestyle ...

Hiyokko¹ voice actor Shiraimu-desu
Ikebo² is usually my business
Bass and treble disease, Delecour³
[something about working as a catboy LMAO]
BL situation for live events
Keep getting copied
(Isn’t it similar?) How about this?!

My soccer commentary tends to make noise at midnight
TL distraught, screaming a lot!
Ah, Wijnaldum starting line-up
The unspoken hashtag is #YNWA
Gegenpress counter attack!
I’ll outsmart it during the season (yes!)

The first time I got the main was 29
The number of anime you want to increase!

Before bed, my nightly overseas drama
Wandering in the middle of the night, Momomaru still biting
Planetes still crying
Take someone to the ISS!
Tanegashima¹⁰, I wanna go someday
Only proud of being an optimist
It’s a 100 year era, but what should I draw?!
The lead for planetary exploration is…
SpaceX! Elon Musk!
New era: Space travel, I want it to be cheaper!
I want to find it soon in the near future!
“Where is the Earth?”

Last name Shirai
Honestly, my favorite color is green
Naturally retreat on holidays
Athletes who want to recharge
Apparel brand, Hisense?
Obviously, my pace!
At the end of dubbing, Coca Cola!
Ohhhh, I have to take a picture of Youtube!
Always (>_<) 2 Cool in the leading role!
Ah… I want to eat twice-cooked pork¹¹! x4

1 New, literally means newborn chick>

2 Ikemen voice, good-looking guy’s voice

3 French rally driver, idk the reference

4 Georginio Wijnaldum, midfielder for Liverpool

5 And you'll never walk alone, Liverpool song/hashtag

6 Counter pressing in German, soccer technique

7 First main role, Cute High Earth Defense Club LOVE! possibly

8 Character from One Piece

9 Classic anime set in space, his favorite show

10 Tanegashima Space Center, largest rocket-launch complex in Japan

11 Chinese dish from Sichuan

*During the reborn athlete thing, he points to his Alexander-Arnold jersey… young athlete? idk the significance