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original interview

Interviewer: Finally, their story makes the move to anime. Please, tell us your impressions of actually watching the anime.

Yusuke: It's done very well !!!!! And it's insanely extravagant !!!!!!! The scene where they battle using Hypnosis Mics is definitely a must-see (´∀`)

Interviewer: Tell us the appeal of the character you play, which you felt again in the anime. (?)

Yusuke: As you know, Ramuda is very lively when he moves !!!!! He may be the most enthusiastic for all the characters ! Well, he is the shortest, though (laughs)

Also, the facial expressions are very detailed, it looks great in anime (´∀`) However, the appeal of Ramuda is that he is not just cute, you can fully see that in anime, so please look forward to it!

Interviewer: Various characters, such as members of Chuo Ward, will appear, are there any characters or divisions that you are interested in the future?

Yusuke: As for Ramuda, I'm wondering how his partnership with Ichijuku, which was in the original, is done in the anime.

After that, I'm wondering how to get to know the other divisions (´∀`) There are quite a few characters who haven't talked properly [with me] yet!

Interviewer: How was the atmosphere at the recording site? Did you have any conversations with other cast members, or did anything special happen?

Yusuke: It was a really nice atmosphere, as we are friends who have shared a stage many times before! Each division naturally sat together! Except for Shibuya (laughs)

Also, I got an Ame-chan¹ from Mr. Asanuma [Samatoki’s CV] (´∀`) The recording was staggered, but it was still recorded for each division (?), so I enjoyed recording it !!!

Interviewer: Speaking of "Hypmic", it's got really good rap! When you listen to the new OP, what were your impressions, knowing you sang it?

Yusuke: This song has a big difference between verse and hook! The verse is a fast rap, and the hook is singing with a down [calmer, lower energy] like never before (´∀`)

Since I am the top batter [group leader], I recorded through trial and error with the staff!

Interviewer: Please give your enthusiasm and message to those who are looking forward to anime.

Yusuke: There is no doubt that this anime will make the world view of Hypnosis Mic a lot clearer !!! You will see a new side of the characters that you’ve never seen before !!!

If you've never delved into this before, why don't you step into the world of Hypmic with anime as the entrance?

Interviewer: Finally, please give your supportive words to all the members of “Fling Posse”!

Yusuke: Gentaro! The meek Gentaro is someone we can fall back upon ... I think Shibuya can keep [itself together] because you are there! Dice! No incident will occur in Shibuya without the Emperor [Dice’s name has the same kanji as Emperor] !!! Therefore, please continue to be an honest and exuberant gambler !!! Let me know when you win (laughs)

Ramuda! Isn't it bad for you to keep thinking you’re so weak? Especially in front of those two people !!! But I understand your feelings, Ramuda. You're fighting alone all the time.

But it's stronger to fight with three people than to fight with just one !!! Please continue to show me a lot of Ramuda smiles (v ^-’) ♪

1 Ame-chan is a cultural phenonema in Japan, that can be seen here as well. It is the act of elderly women giving young people candy! Specifically within the Kansai region (southwest, think Osaka). Ame means hard candy, and -chan is just the suffix for young and cute! This is hella funny because Samatoki’s CV gave Yusuke one of these candies LMAOOOO