... kamijo ...

♡ j-rock musician ♡

美辞麗句, LAREINE, NEW SODMY, Versailles

a japanese singer-songwriter, musician, and music producer. his genres include baroque pop, visual kei, neoclassical metal, symphonic power metal, & melodic.

favorite songs:
  • mademoiselle
  • the revenant choir
  • 憂いの花が綴る愛
  • symbol of the dragon

  • active since: 1995
  • real name: yūji kamijō
  • birthday: 7/19
  • age: 45
  • blood type: O

  • heads two independant labels: applause records and sherow artist society (now chateau agency)
  • has always been a lover of french culture, history, & style, and incorporates it into all of his works
  • worked as a roadie for famed visual kei band MALICE MIZER in 1994
  • born in setagaya city (世田谷区), kanagawa prefecture (神奈川県)
  • raised in a family of musicians
  • favorite color: azure, dark blue
  • favorite flower: rose
  • favorite food: pasta, eel
  • cigerette: salem pianissimo 1mg
  • shampoo: ma cherie or LUX
  • sports: tennis, soccer
  • hobby: movie apperciation
  • favorite brand: MODONE
  • favorite type of woman: "someone that understands this strange world"
  • prized possession: hair, eyes
  • what he does before a performance: looks in the mirror
  • what he does after a performance: hugs the members of LAREINE
  • most influencal artist: paul mauriat

trivia courtesy of lethal_insanity!

why i love them:
i remember exactly how i got into kamijo: through this gifset on tumblr. i had known about him since elementary school, funnily enough. one of my friends had gotten tumblr and fell face-first into j-rock (she's normal now, surprisingly enough).

seeing his beautiful self in full lareine gear got me super nostalgic, and i finally delved into his catalogue, crushing on him the whole time. lareine still remains my favorite, even if i do listen to versailles & new sodmy regularly.

kamijo's aura & style is just to die for, i am absolutely in love with the way he holds himself. the grace of it all! it is one of the many reasons why my sexuality is in shambles.