... josuke higashikata ...

♡ jojo's bizarre adventure ♡

jōsuke on the left, yasuho on the right
hirohiko araki
voice actor:
mitsuaki madono (asb, eoh)

character profile:
the protagonist of the eighth part of jojo's bizarre adventure, jojolion.
josuke is a young man afflicted with retrograde amnesia, lacking any memories prior to being discovered by yasuho hirose near the wall eyes in morioh. he dedicates himself to discovering his former identity and those originally associated with him.

favorite quotes:
"The only person I know is... you. Yasuho Hirose, height: 166 cm. The person that was above the ground. I don't know anyone else in this whole world."

"Yeah, I hate you. But you don't lie. Your honesty is a beautiful thing about you. Do you want me to start liking you?"

"The second floor is dangerous! In horror movies, the characters that run to the second floor always die!"

"The sun rises, and a new day begins. People head off for work, commute to school, play, and jog. Some go to cafes or restaurants... and meet with someone. But those are all activities for those that know their places to return to. Where do I go? Where should I go back to? I don't know."

"I like large fries, I like large fries, I like large fries, but not fried chicken. Not fried chicken, not fried chicken, I just want those crunchies. I like large fries."

  • namesake: yasuho's late dog
  • stand: soft & wet (after the prince song)
  • abilities: bubble generation, plunder, bomb creation
  • age: 19 (?)
  • height: above average

  • his entire body is split: he has a diastema between his teeth, heterochromia, & so on
  • the -suke in his name may also be pronounced as jo
  • he was originally going to have jōshū's stand, nut king call
  • foreign fans often refer to him as jo2uke, jo8uke, josuk8, or gappy (in reference to the distinct gap in his teeth) to avoid confusion with the other josuke (from part 4)

why i love them:
jojolion, at its base, is a story of someone trying to find out who they are. it is a mystery for both the reader & the protaganist, and that is what makes it so fantastic.

josuke is desperate to find out who he is, because who isn't? the scariest thing is feeling alone in your own body. you cannot escape that. he has no family, he is made up of two people he's never met! he latches onto the first thing he sees when he is 'born,' and that thing is yasuho hirose. his savior.

that initial attachment will never go away.

he isn't the strongest, he doesn't have the best catchphrases, he doesn't have a reliable group of friends. josuke is really just on his own. it is incredibly atypical for a jojo part, and i really love that about it.

it is also the first manga i have ever caught up with, and i am eager to see where josuke ends up next. i have such an odd attachment to him. is it possible to truly crush on fictional characters?