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this page serves as my hub for my reviews of BUCK-TICK's discography.
!!! on-going !!!
but ... what is BUCK-TICK? BUCK-TICK is a japanese rock band, formed in fujioka in 1983. often credited as one of the founders of the "visual kei" movement.
who's in it? atsushi sakurai (vocalist), hisashi imai (lead guitarist), hidehiko hoshino (rhythm guitarist), yukata higuchi (bassist), & toll yagami (drummer)
are they cute though...
you decide!

~ 1986 ~

Their debut EP! I love it, to be honest. This version of TO-SEARCH makes me very happy, I'm glad they decided to introduce themselves as a band with it. The modulation of the intro, with the fast-paced drums and bass is addicting. The cover is absolutely gorgeous, as well!
I love PLASTIC SYNDROME TYPE II more than I love myself, I swear!
This one performance that showcases exactly why I love it so much: It's punk, it's rock, it's them. I can't get enough!

~ 1987 ~

An absolute classic. I always come back to it! Atsushi's vocals are fresh and young, and he doesn't shy away from sounding whiny. It's incredibly funky and very late eighties.
To hear any of this album live... I'm not saying I would kill for it per-say, but you may see me on national news if the opportunity presents itself.

SEXUAL ×××××!:
Not the best sophomore album, but still enjoyable nonetheless. For an opening track, I would've chosen DREAM OR TRUTH as opposed to EMPTY GIRL.
The lyrics are not something to rave about, they're a bit cheesy & overly sexual, even for them.
Despite this, some of my all-time favorite tracks are on here!

~ 1988 ~

This EP is gorgeous, this version of ROMANESQUE is absolutely superior to HURRY UP MODE's (sorry)! I have this on repeat a lot. The mix is super cool as well, pretty avant-garde.
Favorite track(s): ROMANESQUE, HEARTS

I truly do love this album's energy. To me, it's their most ~eighties~ sounding album, with the synth and bass. A close second would actually be 1991's 狂った太陽, funnily enough. Or maybe TABOO!

Not much I can really say regarding this, except a rant about the titular song! This was one of my first BUCK-TICK songs, and continues to be in my top 10.
There's something about the atmosphere of it, it's like that point in a cheesy 80s flick where the male lead yearns for the female lead after fucking up majorly.
They chase each other in the cool midnight air of a city, after seeing each other at the club... you know what I mean.
Nothing beats the MV, but this performance lives in my heart.

~ 1989 ~

God, this album... some of Atsushi's best performances, in my opinion. Especially on SEX FOR YOU & SILENT NIGHT.
For the latter, nothing hits me like that song. It's so emotional... the lyrical content along with the music itself.
Lord, this performance... just watch it. Acoustic versions always hit different!

~ 1990 ~

悪の華 (SINGLE):
As much as I love the titular song, the true star of the show is UNDER THE MOONLIGHT. It's a crime that it never got much attention.
U-ta deserved to write more songs after this, I'm absolutely in love with the tone, especially of the backing vocals! His lyrics and Imai's musical talentry was a match made in vkei heaven!
The way Atsushi cries out "goodbye my love / goodbye your love" is practically angelic, if I do say so myself. The raspiness is gorgeous against the wavy synth.
Sadly... I can't find any live recording of it :( Here's a classic MV of 悪の華, though!

THIS ALBUM! My god, it has to be one of my favorites. Hit, after hit, after hit...
My absolute favorite track is 幻の都, it was actually my first BUCK-TICK song! The lyrics are absolutely gorgeous, and the effects on Atsushi's voice are perfect. The pause in the middle... The way he sings out the last line... it's magical.
Favorite track(s): Would it be unfair to say all of them? Because it's true. However, KISS ME GOOD-BYE & 幻の都 are at the top, so underrated...

~ 1991 ~

スピード (SINGLE):
I love this single so much! The titular track being a big fuck you to the conservative nature of Japan regarding drugs makes me very happy.
Let Imai do LSD in peace!
It's just so genuinely fun, with the random screams in the background and constant drums. Definitely punk in my book. I also really dig the Narcissus allegory of the second song ナルシス!
And now, presenting one of their best MVs ever...

This has to be their funkiest album, honestly. The first song I ever heard from it was MY FUNNY VALENTINE, and I was blown away!
I wouldn't be surprised at all if you told me if Imai, Hide, & U-ta were inspired by Duran Duran's John & Andy Taylor. The slapping of the bass and groovy guitar is extremely reminscient of their styles.
This is absolutely an album I have on repeat a lot!
Favorite track(s): MY FUNNY VALENTINE, エンジェルフィッシュ, M・A・D, 地下室のメロディー

I prefer this version much more than the album version. I wish it kept the same weird intro though! The PV is an absolute trip, it may be one of my favorites of theirs. I think any PV that lets atsushi do whatever weird fuckshit he wants is a good one.
I absolutely love the lyrics, it has such fantastic imagery. The funky & wobbly bass synth is a fantastic touch as well!

I really enjoy both of these songs, especially JUPITER. It's incredibly dreamy and has such a lovely atmosphere. The violins are an amazing touch. This version means a lot to me.

"How much must I regret
To be gentle even once?
Goodbye, you gentle smile,
Tonight, will I sleep alone again?"

That's pretty depressing. But here's my favorite performance of it!

~ 1993 ~

darker than darkness -style 93-:
I love the energy of this album! It's much darker and cooler. The perfect soundtrack for running around on city streets in the 90s.
Atsushi himself is very inspired by industrial musicians (as we see later in his career, when he collaborates with KMFDM). This is absolutely evident on this album, especially on 青の世界!
Favorite track(s): Madman Blues~みなしごの憂鬱~, Deep Slow, 青の世界, 神風, D・T・D

ドレス (SINGLE):
As much as I'm obsessed with ドレス, 六月の沖縄 is so cool! I'm honestly surprised that it wasn't included on any album release. It's too good for a b-side, in my opinion.
Again, the bass style is oddly similar to John Taylor's... something to ask U-ta if I ever meet him! (please, God, let me meet him)

die (SINGLE):
Not much to say about this single! I very much love the titular song, it makes me feel incredibly nostalgic. In my opinion, it showcases the best parts of Atsushi's writing: genuine & loving.
He may get carried away with sexual innuendos (regarding the kanji), but at his base, he loves with his entire heart & mind. I love it!
The PV also boggles my mind, it's so beyond gorgeous; just watch!

~ 1995 ~

Absolute punk rock goodness! The guitar is so good on this single, it makes me go crazy!! The distorted backing vocals on 唄 are amazing, it really adds to the hardness of the track itself.
The obviously existentialist lyrics on both songs are a hard swerve from their other songs, and I really dig it. Metaphors & allegories aplenty in 君へ, and I think if you've read any of this, you know how much I dig that.
In this PV... I think Atsushi rocks that wig a little bit too well, you know?

鼓動 (SINGLE):
The titular track is incredibly melancholy. It reminds me very much of My Bloody Valentine, regarding the dreamy sounds within it, as well as the longing lyrics.
The second track is a different story, however. I, for one, prefer the single version. It has such beautiful imagery, alluding to the Garden of Eden, or any mythical paradise.
The metaphors of this song... they're pretty powerful, I have to say. Atsushi, if not the whole band, have always been very outspoken against war. I believe this is evidence of that.

The intro is so unbelievably gorgeous! I honestly can't think of a better intro to an album, it's dreamy as hell.
As soon as we move away from that, I thought SEXUAL ×××××! played too far into the blatant sexual lyricism... and yet here we are!
That being said, this album does have a lot of hits! The interludes make it really fun, to be honest.
Favorite track(s): 細い線, 相変わらずの…, デタラメ野郎, 密室, 見えない物…