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Some stuff that I've found via exploring that I think are worth memorializing!

  • HK's Avatars: Cool variety of anime avatars. Simple but useful!

  • GifCities: Where you can search keywords and find dope gifs from the Archive!

  • TLC: Three the Bad Way: One of my favorite TLC fansites! Amazing resource for of the era information.

  • Kaoani's: A cute and expansive collection of kaoani's (if you don't know what they are, click!)

  • Bishounen no Universe: Self-explanatory! Such a good find for bishounen obsessed me ;)

  • Anime Web Turnpike Timeline: This was the site for anime fans back in the day, and it sadly shuttered back in 2014. Use this as your gateway into learning more about it!

  • Bishonen-O-Rama: Yet another bishie site! Most images don't load, but it's very fun to look through.

  • Bunch o' Links!: Instead of listing every link here, check this cohesive list out! Includes anime, manga, & much more.

  • Lethal_Insanity's Lareine Page: A concise & sweet resource on Lareine info!

  • Anime Literature, A Place to Read Fan Fiction: Super nostalgic look into the fanfic of the time. Last modified January 31st, 2004.


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